Life without drugs and Alcohol-What does it looks like?

Life without drugs and alcohol is a difficult thing to imagine, particularly for those considering sobriety. For many people, addiction has become such an integral part of their life that they don’t know what to do when it’s gone. This article discusses what it looks like to live a life without drugs and alcohol.

Charismatic looking face

A person living a life without drugs and alcohol has a bright, vibrant-looking face as compared to one influenced by drugs. You’ve probably heard the phrase “hammered face” or “drunkard face”.

A drunkard’s face may look wrinkly, groggy, or battered. Conversely, a life without drugs and alcohol rewards you with a jaunty, bright, and perhaps charismatic look.

For those who have embarked on sobriety, your neighbor has probably thrown a sweet compliment about your vibrant-looking face.

Some may notice little random glances from the opposite gender, perhaps an approval of the positive change. It’s hard to resist the facial change that comes with a drug-free life.

One thing that is cut and dry is that alcohol dehydrates the skin, depriving it of its natural moisture and subsequently makes it drained and lifeless.

Tons of Cash

Probably the first benefit of life without drugs and alcohol is the massive inflow of money.

Ask any person who decided to quit bhang or alcohol; They will admittedly confess about the lofty savings they’ve made ever since they walked out of the bar.

But apparently, it’s a modus operandi for people to order two or three bottles of alcohol just to endorse masculinity. It’s hard to point where this myth or culture rooted from.

Sometimes the person is bound to plunge into family savings to quench the thirst for more bottles or to approve the boldness.

You might think of carrying those bottles with you to your home to avoid money wastage at the bar, but again that only put the whole house in misery. Imagine the stench of alcohol alongside a chaotic family-it’s not worth the risk.

No more unexpected injuries

A life without drugs and alcohol means no more unexpected injury, falling in the gutter, or spending more money fixing broken bones.

With a sober mind, you are conscious of your footsteps, your strides are gentle and firm, and your back is well straightened.

The opposite of this is a slouchy, weak, dreary countenance or a young man who supports himself with walls after stepping out of the bar-perhaps after quaffing ten bottles.

A life without drugs and alcohol means your mind is clear! If you are an undergraduate, that means your grades must improve; they don’t have to be straight A’s but definitely, those grades must positively adjust.

If you are a receptionist, that means deeper conversations with clients and getting more ‘thank you’ compliments from strangers.

No more frequent Illness

A life without drugs and alcohol means improved immunity. Maybe you’ve heard it before, but alcohol increases stress levels and disrupts your sleep pattern. The result is a body prone to opportunistic diseases such as coughs, malaria, or eating disorders.

With sobriety, you can spend almost two years without complaining of little ailments. It means your cells and organs are fully operational without little snags trying to weigh them down.

What’s more amazing is that your liver won’t have to be overworked anymore as there are little toxins to filter from the body. It means you won’t have a budget for liver transplants anymore.

It means you can freely buy that vehicle you’ve dreamt of after your hard work. No more alcohol pullbacks.

No more family ruckus

A life without drugs and alcohol saves you from little family scuffles or arguments. Majority of the time, it’s an argument about financial matters or extramarital affairs.

With sobriety, you can stand your ground and respond to any accusations rather than resorting to altercation or physical war.

You probably won’t have frequent chaos if you stick to sobriety. The majority of Sober families are capable of resolving conflicts and have a disposition of solving disputes in a more diplomatic way.

There are a plethora of benefits of a life without drugs and alcohol. These are just the tip of an iceberg that’s waiting to be a new chapter in your life with sobriety as its title. Overcoming alcohol addiction may be hard, but it’s worth the wait.

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