Five Misunderstandings on Weight Loss

Green tea

Misunderstanding: many people think the green tea plays role on losing weight, drink it as much as possible.

The fact: Green tea really can lose weight. Aromatic compounds contained in green tea can dissolve fat and prevent the fat from being accumulated. Vitamin B1, C, and caffeine can promote the secretion of gastric juice to help digestion. Some studies show that waist will be significantly reduced at least 6cm if you drink green tea for 90 days. However, drink green tea as much as possible will cause anemia.

Preservative films

Misunderstanding: many women use preservative film to wrap legs in order to lose weight.

The fact: it is an absurd method because of lacking scientific basis. Preservative film wrapped on the body effect heat dissipation, resulting in high temperature at parts of the body. Consumption of fat is reduced, which more easily lead to eczema, folliculitis and other skin diseases. In addition, preservative film is chemicals, which may cause other potential hazards to health.


Misunderstanding: Sweat means loss weight. In summer, women sweat a lot when walk, many women may think that is the fat burning?

The fact: there is no scientific basis on the relation between sweat and lose weight. There are about 3 million sweat glands in our body, when blood vessels expand as a result of heat, water in the blood will transfer the heat to the surface of skin, then sweat is evaporated, the heat is spread to the surrounding environment. Under the high temperature environment, our body overflows about 8-12 liters of sweat per day. Sweat in summer is a physiological phenomenon and has no little relation on burning fat.


Misunderstanding: Diet pill is useful.

The fact: products on weight loss a huge market, which also attract the attention of many manufacturers. Ads about weight loss products can be saw everywhere. All the Ads cater to lazy women who don’t love sports. Currently, most products on weight loss exaggerated their function, what’s worse, parts of them are harm to human health.


Misunderstanding: Eat less food. In order to lose weight as soon as possible, many women have a plan on strict diet.

The fact: If an adult female only absorb 800 kcal of heat every day, the metabolism will quickly reduce. The body easily feels fatigue because of the lack of necessary energy and nutrition. The skin and complexion also lost its luster. What’s worse, your weight will rebound after you return to the previous eating habits.

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